There's a dinosaur in the park!
Rodney Martin


Hey! There's a dinosaur in the park!

I've seen him. He lives in the bushes where it's dark. 

He's got fierce eyes and sharp dagger claws and sticking-out spikes all down his back. He's SCARY. 

He's got a dangerous tail and a giant jaw full of crunching teeth. 

He was hungry, so I threw an old drink can into his mouth.

He ate it. So I gave him some paper and tins and boxes and things and he ate them too. He eats ANYTHING.

I touched his spikes.

He didn't bite me. So I climbed onto his tail and up his back and sat on him. He let me. Then he stamped his sharp dagger claws and showed his crunching teeth and went "RRR-R-A-A-AAH!" He was FEROCIOUS.

I'm not frightened of him.

I even went "RRR-R-A-A-AAH!" at him.

But he didn't chase ME. He just stayed in the park.

I might see that dinosaur again tomorrow.