The witches

M. Rosaria Longobardi, in arte "Marylon"

Versione inglese di Le streghe di M. Rosaria Longobardi, tratta da Favole in fiore, La Mongolfiera, 2002. Realizzata da Philip Galfano,

The witchesIn the country of the witches
it is always the season of the wheat stalks:
stalks of grain,
stalks in the sun,
for whoever wants them!
With the grains of the stalks
the witches prepare
love potions,
they crush them thoroughly,
they dry them out in the sun,
then they blend them with petals of violets,
with those of sunflowers,
of hawthorn,
and of cyclamen
and to this mixture
they quickly add:
blood of toad,
heart of fawn,
tongue of cat,
wings of bat,
tooth of dragon
and finally water from the lake.
They grind all thoroughly with their press,
and now the potion is ready,
ready for us!
The potion does not expire,
I could even drink it myself,
furthermore,the later she drinks it
the greater the effect will be.
The witches do not have
they are not pretty like the fairies,
they have a very odd look,
long nose,tight mouth,
screech-owl eyes.
They ride brooms,
from morning to evening,
they stop in the woods
in the middle of the dark night
and with their friends
they dance the sabbath
until dawn.



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