What’s inside in my brain?

Silvia Buda

What's inside in my brain?What’s inside in my brain?
Is the same, a good refrain:
“Always happy in my heart!”.
Look, outside, there’s a park.
In the park the birds can fly
and I am happy to say “Bye-Bye”.
The spring is my favorite game.
Listen, a baby is in my brain.
But the heart the truth knows:
there is a flower on my nose.
It’s a flower yellow and green
and I love and I believe.
And in my garden, a golden girl,
all the sounds that are on toe.
No socks, no shoes on my feet
I am bare foot and I don’t need
any help or any path
look, the birds sing by heart.
But they talk about the day:
that is born and it’is on date.
They are waiting for the sun
And I am late: “So. Hurry up!”.

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